Ultimate Ford

A brand new feature for 2017 we introduce to you Ultimate Ford. The search is on to find the Ford that stands out from the crowd; the car that not just talks the talk but can walk the walk. If you choose to enter you and your Ford will be put through your paces as you go head to head with 19 others across a series of 3 points based challenges to be crowned the Ultimate Ford. 

Challenge 1: Show Preparation – If your Ford isn’t looking up to scratch and you haven’t given it the attention it deserves then don’t expect to be scoring highly during this stage. Judges will be looking for attention to detail and awarding high scores for those that have really put the effort in.

Challenge 2: Handling Course – The second test is all about control and handling. A course will be set up to not only test your Ford but also your driving skills. Navigate the course in the quickest time to win but be sure not divert from the course or hit any cones as time penalties will be awarded for doing so. This will take place in the live action arena.

Challenge 3: Drag Race – The final showdown takes place on the Santa Pod drag strip. The ¼ mile strip gives you the chance to showcase your Ford’s acceleration and speed against the competition. Come out the fastest down the drag strip and you win, it’s that simple.

Come out top in these 3 challenges and your blue oval will be announced on the day as the Ultimate Ford. The winner of the competition will also receive some top of the line kit from our friends at Goodridge! Have you and your Ford got what it takes?

To find out if spaces are still available in this competition please contact our events team - Shows@kelsey.co.uk or call 01959 541444

Entry to the competition grants you a space in the exclusive Ultimate Ford paddock, free camping, sign on to the strip and to the handling course. Tickets cost just £60. 


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